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MoT Testing

We are authorised to carry out MoT testing on Class IV Vehicles a Motor Caravans.
We are also an approved garage for ESBC to carry out taxi Mot's and Compliance Tests.

MoT - £49.99
Compliance Test - £55.00

No re-test fee (within 10 days)

Tyres & Suspension

We can supply and fit a huge range of tyres along with carry out puncture repairs and replacing tyre pressure valves.

We also can replace all suspension components and carry out wheel alignment which can directly affect tyre wear.
2 Wheel alignment - £45
4 Wheel alignment - £75

Servicing & Cambelts

All of our services include a thorough inspection which is recorded on a check-sheet to keep with your service records.
Prices start from as little as £99.

Timing belts replacement is specified by the manufacturer after a set number of years or miles - please call to find out if your cambelt is due and get a quote

Air Con

If your air conditioning isn't working then it may be that your air-con needs a regas

Prices start from £84.99 for R134a gas and £129.99 for R1234YF gas.

If it is found that there is a problem with one of the air-con components then we can also diagnose this.

Brakes & Disc Skimming

We can supply and fit braking components for all makes and models of vehicles and are a BREMBO Specialist garage.

We are also one of a few garages who can carry out disc skimming for high performance vehicles.

Brake fluid change - £49.99

Clutches, Flywheels, Gearboxes.

In addition to replacing clutches and flywheels, our technicians can also diagnose and repair gearboxes including replacing bearings, seals, synchros, etc and can also fit re-conditioned units.

We also carry out gearbox and rear differential oil changes


We have a number of diagnostic tools to be able to identify faults with your vehicle, e.g.

- Engine Management lights
- Electrical issues
- Noises
- Leaks
- Starting issues
- Braking system

Diagnostic charges start from £42

Electrical & Other Work

We can also do ....

- Batteries
- Bulbs
- Wipers
- Windscreens
- AdBlue
- locking wheel nut removal

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